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Going long on whiskers.

For all those fans of the “bearded market analysist”. Tom Piotrowski.

Going long on whiskers

Has Grizzly Adams taken over Commsec? Or has Tom Piotrowski answered the call of the wild?  Forget whether Julia Gillard is involved in illegal dealings. Forget whether Tony Abbot is a Misogynist or not. The real pressing issue is why Tom Piotrowski has done the wild man of Borneo thing!

Speculation is rife.  Did he;

1. Lose a bet?

2. Have a mid life crisis?

3. Gotten in touch with his primal soul?

Or maybe

4. He has had to economise (cant afford razors) due to the Carbon Tax and increased electricity bill.

What ever the reason, I can’t wait to see just how long he can go without shaving it off!