Seems C02islife has done their homework. Very nice. One comprehensive reference to refute the nonsense that is AGW/Climate Change.

CO2 is Life

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Recently there was a debate featuring Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. Curry, Dr. Moore and Dr. Titley. This debate followed the structure of just about all other debates on Climate Change. Each participant gave their presentation and then went into Q&A. Dr. Curry posted her presentation on her website. (Click Here) It is an extremely fine presentation, but unlikely to sway too many opinions when matched against Climate Sophist Michael Mann. From the review I’ve seen, that seems to have been the case. (Click Here)

Going in, I think it’s unlikely that anyone would find an event such as this sufficient to change a mind that’s already made up. What it can do, however, is introduce a topic, or suggest an idea, that might lead an individual to do some deeper exploring.

The benefit…

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